Success at this level needs a unique approach where relationships are everything.

And, because we’ve been around for a while (and because we’re pretty good at what we do) our talent network is hard to beat. Even those not actively searching recognise our opportunities as worthy of serious discussion.

Delivering excellence through partnerships and flexibility, we’ll work to understand your business and its culture, to match our service with your needs and tease out the best talent around.


How we do it

Whether you’re a bustling business or a licensed and seasoned engineer, we’ll work hand in glove with you to get to the nitty gritty of what it is you need and then take the best and simplest route to get you there.

Itʼs then about taking the most logical route to success (following the Occam Razor principle, on which the Haig Blueprint is based) and watching you pop out the other end, smiling, successful and bursting with words like ʻEngagingʼ, ʻRelevantʼ and ʻProfessionalʼ.

This customer focused and flexible approach also allows us to act as an objective third party guide, to help you successfully recruit and secure both those niche, senior level positions (Haig Talent) or those permanent and interim roles (Haig Consult).


Relationships Rule

Weʼre all about the human side of resourcing here at Haig & Co, for fear of sounding all new age and fluffy letʼs call this ʻrelationship buildingʼ.

It doesnʼt matter whether you sit under the Search umbrella of Haig Talent or nestle within Haig Consult, youʼre always guaranteed professional support and advice with a warm and friendly glow (aaahh).



Onsite managed interviewsInterview coachingHeadhunting / Market Mapping
Detailed briefings / debriefingsNegotiationSalary benchmarking
OnboardingDiscovery meetingsPsychometric Profiling
OffboardingSearch and SelectionContract interim & Permanent Solutions

Who we work with

Our clients and candidates talk about us as being “refreshingly honest” and “straightforward”, describing the Haig experience as ‘enjoyable and successful’. And we also get a shiny gold star for our business process intelligence and level of technical understanding (told you we were a bit nerdy about tech).

So, we need to keep this gold star nicely polished by continuing to delight our customers. Which is why, as well as the important standard stuff, we focus on the important things that really help you in your career, project or recruitment journey.



New Product introductionProject ManagerElectronic Development
Concept and rework DesignATE / MTE Testing MRO and ground support
Stress and DevelopmentManufacturing and productionPurchasing and Logistics
BoardSenior ManagementSupply Chain Management

So, if thoughts of traditional recruitment don’t quite find you soaring through the air, sit down with a brew, give us a call and let's see if we can't just spark a bit of lift-off.

Finding the Aerospace, Defence and Automotive talent you need.