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All loved-up about relationships…

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Introducing our new Candidate Manager, Nicky Gaddu

In a recent blog entitled ‘bringing home the brand before the bread’ Andrew was all loved-up about doing and doing the right thing (not read it yet? When you’ve finished reading mine (ahem) you can check it out here.) Amongst his many words of wisdom was a sentence that pretty much sums up our approach to recruitment here at Haig. So, here it is in all its 12-word glory “To me, life is about relationships and you only need a few.” He then went on to say “when a great Job Order is acquired, you give it everything and more, to the point of obsession”

Of course we can’t sit here and pretend we work in an environment devoid of numbers, targets and results. But the truth is, whilst of course we need the numbers, we wouldn’t have a business without the relationships. At the end of the day every business is about numbers but they’re also about people and Haig is no exception.

Power to the people

Luckily for us (and our clients) the people bit is what makes us tick. Developing relationships, communities and partnerships is what drives us, it’s our obsession and what we’re all loved-up about here at Haig HQ. Amazingly, when we get the people bit right, when we place all of our focus here, the numbers just tend to take care of themselves. Nice! Which is why we’ve decided to extend the Haig family and welcome a new Candidate Manager into the fold (cue party poppers and a shiny new mug for the kitchen).

Once recovered from the overwhelming welcome to the team whoop Nicky will be busy channeling her own obsession for relationships by developing and supporting our community of seriously skilled finance folk. Think fully focused and regular engagement, honest constructive feedback, advice and in-depth knowledge that goes way beyond skills, qualifications and CV’s (we’re talking motivators, long-term career aspirations, cultural preferences and natural work style). As you can see, this isn’t about quick fix role filling but about nurturing our local finance community to provide long term benefits to both candidates and businesses.

Doing the right thing

With Nicky on board, our candidates get their very own brand ambassador who, armed with a complete understanding of their career desires and despairs is here to promote them to the right businesses for the right roles, to support their journey and help them to navigate their way to the loved-up nirvana that is ‘career happiness’.

Not only is this pretty fabulous for our candidates but, with this strong network of seriously well understood and talented finance folk, we’ll be better placed than ever to find our clients the very best talent and the people most suited to their business culture. Everyone’s happy!

As we said before, the people side of recruitment is why we love what we do. As reflected by Andrew in his earlier quoted blog post, we want to do the right thing for our candidates and clients. This definitely feels like the right thing. With this in mind I’d just like to ask our candidates to pick up the phone when Nicky calls. It’ll be well worth your time so no need to screen, send us to voicemail or pretend you’re going under a tunnel, we promise!

Here’s to welcoming Nicky and to doing business and recruitment the right way!


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