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Customers, Kaizen and Giving a Damn

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Any manufacturers out their will likely be familiar with the Japanese term Kaizen; the quest for continuous improvement. And, whilst we’re not talking production line adjustments or plant process tweaks, here at Haig HQ we’re always asking ourselves, “What can we do better?”

So, as part of our mission to “change for better” and add a touch of the Japanese to what we do (suddenly picturing an office full of bonsai trees) I’ve been shining a big bright spotlight on our post placement care and asking, “How can we improve?”

The bottom line is that we give a damn about our candidates. But, for that to really make a difference we need to show what giving a damn looks like. So, I’m not going to fill this post with all those white noise words (trust, relationships, loyalty; yeh,yeh), so readily used and yet rarely delivered. Instead I’ll share with you what we’re doing to be better recruitment partners to our clients and candidates.

A very different approach from other recruiters

Giving a damn

To everyone here at Haig, giving a damn means showing up at every stage of the recruitment process; this includes the bit after we’ve placed a candidate, or not placed them for that matter. And by showing up we mean being present, getting to know candidates personally, really understanding what makes them tick and looking beyond a set of skills and a CV. It also means letting our candidates and clients have a voice, it means asking them what we did well, what we could do better, listening to them and then learning from their feedback. It’s no good ticking the asked for feedback box and then filing it away only to carry on as normal because ‘we know best’. It’s what we do with that information that counts.

Back to basics approach that just oozes professionalism

Giving our customers a voice

So, to make sure we’re doing all of the above, to make sure we are continuously listening and making any “changes for better” We have developed a shiny new Post Placement Care process. In simple terms it means staying in touch with candidates and clients after placement to find out how we did and how they are doing. Several weeks and then months into a placement I will pick up the phone and, yes, actually talk to people. And, if we weren’t successful in placing a candidate (as much as we’d like to, you can’t win em’ all) their voice still matters and must also be heard. Following a catch up over the phone I will then email a feedback form, encouraging them to fill it in with complete openness. The results and feedback are then discussed individually and at team meetings, any issues addressed and any future changes implemented.

Yep, it’s all pretty simple stuff. Yet, whilst this shouldn’t be anything revolutionary, to me this is how you do business and how I’ve always worked, still too many people are full of empty promises (back to those white noise words again) and undelivered grand gestures.

Great interview guidance…they really get to know all about their clients

Why giving a damn matters (for everyone)

Yes, it takes time and effort (two things many would rather avoid) but the payback far outwieghs these minor inconveniences. I guess it really depends whether you’re driven by the short game, by the quick wins and prefer a continuous turnover of new business or you’re more about long term repeat business with people who know you’ve got their back. Personally, I’ve always been about the latter, which is why I still hear from people I worked with years ago (they just can’t get rid of me!) and why I chose to work here at Haig. Everyone here wants to be the best they can be, and the only way we can do this is by showing up from the beginning and making sure we get things right at every stage. Doing things this way (giving a damn) means happy customers all round; candidates find roles they want to stay in, with businesses that reflect their culture and way of working (hello career happy) and our business partners gain loyal staff, with the right attitude and fit for their existing teams (reduced staff turnover anyone?) And, by staying in touch with our candidates as they settle into new roles, we get to hear of and help resolve any minor issues, before they escalate and affect success.

We’re not trying to say we’re perfect of course, we all mess up at times, but there’s nothing wrong with striving for perfection now is there! And, here’s where our Post Placement Care process comes in; we believe that the only way to achieve Kaizen is by listening to the voice of our customers.

A lot of this stuff we were doing already but now we’ve streamlined things and made it all official so that it simply becomes another part of what we do every day. So, next time I call for a little catch up chat feel free to be as open and honest as you like. I’m a big girl and, after all, it’s good for business!

Haig & Co met all of my expectations 100%, both career and service wise

We look forward to listening!

Thanks for reading, Tracy

P.S. Just wanted to share with you one quick finding from our recent round of surveys; 100% of both our clients and candidates said they would recommend Haig & Co. Well, you can’t blame me for being a little bit of a show off now can you!

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