Connecting Architecture Aces and Building Envelope Brilliance with the finest practices for over 13 years.

We’ve got seeking out top talent down to a very fine art. And, we’re also pretty hot at matching creativity, skills, knowledge and personalities with the right roles and the best businesses out there.

Growth and progression are pretty important to our clients and candidates and we’re chuffed to say that they trust us to be completely on board with both.

We won’t waste your time rabbiting on about our extensive experience, expertise and qualifications. Sure they’re important but when you’re working with an established agency like us, we think they’re a given. And, we’d put money on the fact that you care more about the quality of our candidates, the calibre of our clients and our hands on approach to getting the best results for you and your business.

So, whether you’re struggling to unearth top talent or wrestling to open the door to your perfect Architecture or Building Envelope career, please get in touch.


Mission Statement

1 Relationships rule

Let’s face it, without our clients and candidates there’d be plenty of thumb twiddling going on at Haig & Co HQ. We know that the only way to do business is by getting seriously crazy about relationships. Not in a creepy way of course, just in a ‘expect stellar customer service’ kind of way that’s puts you first.


Forget broad and shallow, when it comes to industry knowledge we’re all about narrow and deep. By specialising in this areas our customers trust our in-depth industry experience and they know that we will deliver what they need. Sometimes nerd is good!


We’re not about those fly by night relationships that come and go, which is why we always deliver on our promises. Long term clients are happy and satisfied clients and (cue wagging finger) we didn’t get to where we are today without them.


By working as an extension of your businesses (don’t panic we won’t be moving our desks in) and really getting to know you as a candidate we are able to look far beyond Cvs and job descriptions. We’re talking connections based on culture, personality, motivators and experience. Working together in this way is how we’ll continue to support your growth and progression.


Our Six Step Process


1 Candidate Conversation

An informal over the phone chat to get an initial feel for each candidate and arrange next steps.


2. Let’s do coffee

Time to get more detailed and talk dream careers, skills, experience and all that malarky over a nice relaxed cuppa.


3. Get matching & agree interviews

With suitable interviews arranged we’ll meet up again to help candidates prep for interview success. It’s the least we can do!


4. Oversee offers

With that perfect offer on the table we’ll manage the whole process and even offer resignation advice if needed. We’re always here to help!


5. Time for Lunch

Before the start date we’ll arrange lunch for the client and candidate. It’s a great icebreaker before the big day!


6. Post Placement review

After every placement we meet with clients and candidates to make sure that everything is going swimmingly and to review our own process. We love a bit of honest feedback, it’s the only way we can always be our best.


Building Envelope

With Building Envelope (the external finish of a building e.g. rainscreen cladding, standing seam roofing, glazed facades and curtain walling) now accounting for upwards of 30% of a UK new build, this extremely buoyant sector is struggling to source top tier talent.

And this is exactly where our geek worthy industry knowledge and experience comes in seriously handy. We’re talking long established relationships, cultivated over 10 years, with the brightest candidates and biggest players in the market.

We understand the key systems and design software used and all those important industry specifics, so there’s nobody better placed to match your roles with building envelope brilliance or find you the platform to flourish.


We like a few timber frame stats so let’s start with 25% of all homes in England and Wales and 75% in Scotland. Not too shabby! Oh and the new build timber frame market is also booming year on year.

It’s no surprise then to see this industry looking so wonderfully healthy. So, with candidates in this area so scarce, just where do you turn for talent? Yes, that’ll be us! We’ve been operating in this market for some years now so we pretty much know it inside out. Adept at matching the best crafts people with the right business, we have developed a longstanding list of clients who trust in our expertise.

So, whether you are looking for the brightest timber talent or looking for somewhere to lay your trusses we’re here to help!

Steel structures, Light gauge steel and Modular Build

Thanks to it’s time saving on-site installation and reduction in health and safety issues, the light gauge steel and modular build industry is a fast emerging market. However the number of skilled candidates is currently scarce and a far greater number is needed to fuel future growth.

As a result, enticing talented individuals, even to the most prestigious and well-known companies, remains a challenge. Well, it’s a good job we like a challenge!

With many years’ experience of the sector, we know exactly the skill-set needed and and have had great success sourcing talented candidates from other areas, safe in the knowledge that they would adapt successfully and thrive.


Because we think niche is nice, we specialise in the Urban Design and Interior Design sector of Architecture. By maintaining our focus on this key area we have honed our industry insight and gleaned a wealth of wonderful knowledge that includes a detailed working knowledge of the 3D software used by each Design Studio or Practice.

Candidates respect the fact that we focus on this smaller, specialist area of the industry and come to us for hands-on experience, as opposed to simply becoming a number in a large corporate.

Whether you’re a Graduate Architectural Technologist, a seasoned Architect, or a practice specialising in Urban or Interior Design, we’re here to help your career to flourish and your business to grow.


Desperately seeking that perfect work-life balance? Eager to take a step up the lofty ladder of career progression? Ready to dive into a new challenge? Whatever your reasons for searching, we’ll work hand in glove with you to uncover all that nitty gritty and make sure you get there!

And, because we’re all about keeping things successfully simple, we’ll do so with the minimum amount of stress possible. We really do care about getting this right for you, about finding you that dream role with the right business and about helping you discover your very own career happy.

Why go anywhere else!

So, if the thought of the recruitment process leaves you all slumps and frowns maybe it’s time to give us a call on 0121 643 7883. Who knows, we might just have you smiling and sitting up straight in no time.

P.S. We always prefer a chat but if time is short, email is fine too!

We look forward to working together!


As a Haig & Co client the first thing that you’ll notice (apart from our good looks and wit of course) is the level of care and attention you will receive. We’re big believers that relationships rule and love nothing more than developing strong partnerships where we’re all working together towards growth and progression. Everybody’s happy, ah!

We keep our client list small for a very good reason and it’s not because we struggle to remember names. Rather than use that worn out word ‘bespoke’ lets just say that we shape our offer to suit your business, the roles you are looking to fill and the level of support you would like from us.

As well as making sure we understand your roles and any skills gaps we’ll also talk with you about your business, its culture and the types of people you are looking for. It’s also worth having a chat about your current recruitment process, just in case there are things that we feel could help you to attract even more top talent.

With over 12 years recruitment experience, in these niche sectors, our partnership approach hasn’t let us down yet. Our client list remains intentionally selective and many of these relationships go back years (they just can’t get rid of us!)

Added to this you’ll also benefit from our detailed industry insight, our Sherlock worthy knack of asking all the right questions to uncover the perfect candidate and our ability to get the right roles in front of the right people. With a reputation for being a leader in our specialist areas, candidates rarely feel the need to go elsewhere so we’re often lucky to be working exclusively with these high quality individuals.

So, if you’re looking to grow your business and like the idea of working with a trusted partner who will help you to seek out the brightest talent around, we’d love to hear from you.

For a confidential chat (mum is very much the word) about a current or upcoming vacancy please give us a call on 0121 643 7883 or email us at

We look forward to working together!