We’ll find the right enterprise expert to care for, protect and nurture your digital transformation strategy.

And, with all this talk of extended enterprise applications and the 4th Industrial revolution, your business needs top-notch technical intelligence more than ever before.

How else will you retain poll position in this fast paced technology disruption race?

We’re talking constant evolution, serious forward thinking and powerhouse planning. Because without it the world of enterprise application solutions will outpace your business before you can say…‘enterprise application solutions’.


Why stay ahead? (love a few good stats!)

  • 72% of global CEOs believe the next 3+ years will be more critical for their industry than the last 50-years (Forbes)

  • Companies with 50% of their revenues from digital ecosystems achieve 32% higher revenue growth and 27% higher profit margins (MIT)

  • Only 5% of organisations feel that they have mastered digital to a point of differentiation from their competitors (Accenture)

Hardcore marketplace disruptors in the form of ERP3.0 and Industry 4.0 companies are on the rise. Think quick on the trigger, sprightly and global. Add to that a serious talent for spotting trends and uncovering unmet customer demands before their competitors can switch their machines off and back on again!

So, if you want to be up there with the most advanced of these ‘disruptive innovators’ you’ll need heavy weight project ninjas with the skills to get your data points aligned and get you under the skin of customer demands, before the customers themselves know what they want or need (ooooh, impressive).

How we do it

Because seriously successful enterprise recruitment starts with you, we shape our project offering to suit your needs; the role you are looking to fill or find, your existing projects and the level of support you need from us.

And, however rare your industry knowledge or niche the skills gap you are looking to fill, we’ll seek out the best positions and the brightest talent around to send you skipping ahead of the tech race.

More than just recruiters, we’re a bit nerdy when it comes to keeping up to speed with all the ever-changing ERP/ERP2 best practices and latest thinking. It’s all about helping you lead the way and it’s how we like to do things!

So, if you need to build your practice, centre of excellence or simply need some short or long-term project expertise to drive your project through, we’re here to help.


Relationships rule

Weʼre all about the human side of resourcing here at Haig & Co, for fear of sounding all new age and fluffy letʼs call this ʻrelationship buildingʼ.

It doesnʼt matter whether you sit under the Search umbrella of Haig Talent or nestle within Haig Consult, youʼre always guaranteed professional support and advice with a warm and friendly glow (aaahh).


just a few of the many things we love to do for you:

Onsite managed interviewsInterview coachingHeadhunting / Market Mapping
Detailed briefings / debriefingsNegotiationSalary benchmarking
OnboardingDiscovery meetingsPsychometric Profiling
OffboardingSearch and SelectionContract interim & Permanent Solutions

So, if youʼre on the move job-wise or on the look out for talented Enterprise Applications & Security professionals, please ping us an email, shoot us a DM or even pick up the phone
— weʼre really very friendly and you canʼt beat a proper chat

Who we work with

Our clients and candidates talk about us as being “refreshingly honest” and “straightforward”, describing the Haig experience as ‘enjoyable and successful’. And we also get a shiny gold star for our business process intelligence and level of technical understanding (told you we were a bit nerdy about tech).

So, we need to keep this gold star nicely polished by continuing to delight our customers. Which is why, as well as the important standard stuff, we focus on the important things that really help you in your career, project or recruitment journey.


Programme Director / ManagerEnterprise ArchitectsFunctional consultants
Test / Data MigrationDevelopers & Technical ConsultantsCyber & Information Security Consultants
Change Manager

So, if thoughts of traditional recruitment don’t quite find you dancing round your Gantt Chart, sit down with a brew, give us a call and let's see if we can't just spark a teeny little hop and a skip.

Finding the Enterprise Applications talent you need.