Here at Haig & Co we’re all super cultured, don’t you know.

This doesn’t mean we only listen to Radio 4, all speak Latin or walk round quoting great works of literature. It does mean that we value the importance of fostering a really great organisational culture, where:





Our values underpin everything we do, define who we are, what we stand for and provide clear expectations for our people, our clients and our candidates.

We’re a friendly bunch who like to treat people nicely, so things that are great for our growth must also be great for our people and our planet. So, here you go…


Smile, think a little different and go for it!

Skills can be learnt but attitude can’t. And, because we’re all about enthusiasm, creativity and dedication, we throw ourselves into work with a big smile, we play with ideas and we’re all about having a go.

Haigermiesters are engaged, passionate and proactive people who delight customers and in-turn create a very happy business. So, whilst we’re serious about what we do, we like to have a little fun along the way, we don’t take ourselves too seriously (and that includes the boss), we like to challenge the norm and we definitely value the power of positivity.


Be in the now, take care of the details, provide support

When people need your help, support and attention they need all of it, not just the ear that’s free of the mobile. All Haig & Co meetings are distraction free (strictly no mobiles, emails or social media) we must all be physically and mentally present, focused entirely on the discussion at hand and engaged fully in what is happening right now!

This mindful approach is applied to everything we do and is always underpinned by an obsessive level of attention to detail; all messages and emails are replied to before the end of each day, desks are kept tidy, phones are answered immediately and an audit trail is required for every message. If we sound a bit strict, it’s only so that nothing gets missed, everyone lives are easier and our clients get the best.

Add to this a genuine level of support, the kind that makes sure everyone is recognised, appreciated and valued and you’ve just nailed it as a Haigermiester.

Give a damn about service, surprise and delight

Customers (Clients and Candidates) are central to everything we do, they are the reason for work, not a distraction from it, they pay our salaries and make our business possible.

So, we’re not satisfied with ‘good enough.’ We crank things up a notch to offer red hot service and a great big BOO! factor. We constantly ask ourselves ‘how can we make a real difference?’ ‘what can we do to surprise our customers’ ‘what is it this customer needs more than anything else?

We don’t make placements just for money, we only make placements that are right for our clients and our candidates. And, we treat the people who don’t get the job this time with the same level of respect and service as the person who did. We thank them, encourage them and empower them to continue in their search for the perfect role.

At Haig & Co Customer Service isn’t a department, it’s just what we do!

Get a bit green, be kind to the planet

You don’t have to get all new age to care about our planet. As responsible (ahem) adults it’s all part of our job description. So, we walk to work as much as we can and we share lifts if we can’t, our Haig & Co water bottles mean we don’t have to keep buying those ‘slightly mean to the planet’ plastic ones and we’re as paperless as we can possibly be.



Walk and talk, stand and chat

Too many meetings are longer than they need to be, a lot happen for the sake of it, many lack focus and clear objectives and most can sap the energy from even the springiest of springy people.

Haig & Co meetings are an active, stand up affair. We don’t get side tracked by unnecessary distractions, there’s always a clear objective and we focus on actions over hot air. We’re even known to stroll, strut and stride along the canal whilst thrashing out our big ideas. This all makes meetings a pretty high energy affair. People leave with answers, solutions, actions and a buzz that simply doesn’t come from slouching round a table.

Be smart & healthy

The smart side of Haig & Co; finance, strategy, technology, sales and marketing, is run with as much focus and dedication. We stand by the old adage; Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is reality, managing our cashflow with an obsession that means we can always deliver on our promises and that people feel safe and secure working with us

We also know that only with an equal measure of smart and healthy can we achieve our ambitious growth plans. The only way we will cross the line on our 10 year vision is by developing strong relationships, improving communication and investing in people. Whilst, also tweaking those smart dials along the way.

Join the family, grow together & share the success

The only way we can reach our goals and grow our business is by delighting our customers. And, this only happens when we’re all pulling together and rowing in the same direction.

By operating as a little work family we make sure we’re all in this together. We help each other grow through dedicated mentors and ongoing development, we celebrate our success, no matter how big or small (ok, the bigger the success, the bigger the blow-out), and we find the time to get together for an all important beer and a chat.

Haig & Co

Here’s to happy, smart, healthy and successful!