Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the 4th phase in the evolution of industrial history. With the current wave of technological advancements several have called it the “fourth industrial revolution".

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Forward thinking businesses need an Industry 4.0 recruitment strategy NOW to stay current and future proof...

The 4th Industrial Revolution Technology

  • Rare Skills - Extending The Enterprise (ERPIII)

    However, meantime in my conversations with executives it’s not cyber-defense that’s deserving of most attention but instead a desire to remain on the offense to stay ahead of their competition. This is where skills are rarest in the future extended enterprise and I’m here to help you find that right project. Trends Care of IDC Research, next year 75% of enterprise and independent...

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    Rare Skills - Extending The Enterprise (ERPIII)

    Why is it called Leonardo? The name SAP Leonardo was inspired by Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and philosopher Leonardo da Vinci. With an estimated IQ of over 220, this universal and prolific genius possessed the imaginative power to create pioneering inventions in a wide range of disciplines. The aim of SAP Leonardo’s holistic approach is to support businesses and...

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  • Making sense of blockchain

    I remember not so long ago, one of my staff came to me in the middle of the day and asked to leave early as she was very distressed due to her parents being evicted from their family home. She asked to leave immediately and to head home. They had lived in their home for almost forty years and was the proud holder of the title. However as was often the case in the rural areas of the Philippines,...

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    Making sense of blockchain
  • Making Sense of our future epicenter: BI & BIG DATA

    It’s infiltrating every part of what we do, from driverless cars almost upon us, to our very own digital assistant, from Purchase Prediction to Movie/Music recommendations and much much more. And it’s just huge amounts of data being fed to predict multiple situations and how to react in the future that’s now driving IoT, AI and ML.  Enterprises now look like they’re to be ruled by...

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    Making Sense of our future epicenter: BI & BIG DATA
  • #IoT - A Paradigm Shift

    The IoT has the power to change the world that we live in and beyond the stars. Already we are starting to see a major impact, however we really are only just “coming out of the starting blocks”. here’s little look at where we are today and a few ideas and thoughts from my new friend: In a very short period of time, every device we own and can imagine will be connected to the internet....

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    #IoT - A Paradigm Shift
  • ERP3-A New Found Energy (Industry 4.0)

    Let’s reminisce for a moment. The 1st Industrial Revolution was back in the Victorian times, moving from farms to factories in the early 19th Century. The 2nd, in the late 19th Century began with steel production and gradual movement across various sectors to mass production. More recently, the 3rd refers to the transition to digital / computer based technologies, from the 1950s.  Now the...

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    ERP3-A New Found Energy (Industry 4.0)
  • ERP3 skills demand!

    Today, we are entering the 4th, i4.0 - the rise of the new digital / autonomous industrial technologies. How will this next industrial revolution play out? Will it create or destroy jobs? And what types of skills will be required? The answers to these questions are critical to entrepreneurs and leaders as they look to take advantage of the i4.0 opportunities. Various studies have been...

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    ERP3 skills demand!
  • The digital economy is ERP3

    Since ERP applications like SAP have entered the business world there remains one area that enterprises struggle with – the realm of capturing and then converting employee, customer, audience and supplier “know how” into resource planning solutions and the ultimate Business Intelligence.  Back in 1990 the Gartner Group created the acronym ERP for Enterprise Resource Planning: “a...

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    The digital economy is ERP3
  • How ERP3.0 is THE customer experience

    It is our desire to have what we want, when we want that drives the next revolution and we’ve seen it coming since the internet allowed us to access so much and so much more quickly.  As Steve Jobs used to say “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. What we do know however is that we want more choice, more personalized and faster products. And, as a result...

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    How ERP3.0 is THE customer experience
  • How to be ready for the Productivity Revolution with SAP Leonardo

    The rewards are clear - survival and years of prosperity for the enterprise, while at the same time bringing the smart and agile factory home, more jobs and a level of customer service soon to be expected by us all. It will be disruptive across the entire value chain and you can’t fail to be excited about our futures. ERP3.0 (Industry4.0) disrupters ERP3.0 / Industry 4.0 describes ten...

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    How to be ready for the Productivity Revolution with SAP Leonardo
  • Be part of the 4th Industrial Revolution

    The world is talking about it and the enterprise market is looking for the best way forward. One of the major global strategy and digital transformation consulting businesses is looking to establish a market leading position in the Product Lifecycle Management sector (Industry4.0 Supply Chain). what we'll provide As one of the global thought leaders in the 4th Industrial Revolution and the...

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    Be part of the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Are we being selfish? (industry4.0)

    And here we have 4.0 driven by the need for Personalisation: getting what we want, when we want and how we want it. It feels kind of selfish, doesn't it? At a time when the world suffers terrorism, refugees and resentment over the resulting immigration, I occasionally question the perceived selfishness of personalization such as this. There's no doubting that tailored clothing, vehicles and...

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    Are we being selfish? (industry4.0)
  • Industry4.0: there's no stopping it now

    With industry-wide productivity declining over the last fifty years, the next Industrial Revolution is now weeks, if not months away. Vertical integration of production processes combined with the ultimately extended value chain at the edge, from the consumer touch point to depths of the suppliers. There is never any stopping progress and industry4.0 is our next phase. are we making...

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    Industry4.0: there's no stopping it now
  • They'll take no prisoners in Industry 4.0

    Today, and globally, many manufacturers, particularly those in advanced industries, have been seeking out new ways to utilize the disruptive technologies set to transform how we respond to the ever-increasing demand for personalized products. Last week we discussed the challenges before us in i4.0 ( and this week we...

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    They'll take no prisoners in Industry 4.0
  • PLM baby-steps with Industry4.0

    A focus on productivity, new business models and new lines of revenue  However, there remains a reluctance to jump in with both feet, with instead plenty of “toe dipping”.  Recent reports suggest that only 30 percent of technology suppliers and 16 percent of manufacturers have an overall Industry 4.0 strategy in place, and just 24 percent have assigned clear responsibilities to...

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    PLM baby-steps with Industry4.0
  • Smart IoT: The Industry4.0 Data Journey

    It was maybe 2hrs of content crammed into 20mins of presentation; a whistle stop tour of the Data Journey that lies ahead for us all. Data is the exhaust of our journeys; be they employee journey, user journey, product journey, process journey and in fact any journey where we can measure through data. top trends in data no matter which way i go in Industry4.0 it always ends up with data,...

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    Smart IoT: The Industry4.0 Data Journey

Digital Culture 4.0

  • i4.0: The Digital Culture

    i4.0: The Digital Culture

    The Lifeblood Consumers are increasingly adopting digital lifestyles. 1st, the baby-boomers led the way by integrating our lives with e-banking and electronic communications (email, text and cellular phones) while Gen X and Ys have continued the journey into blogging, vlogging, instant messaging, social media and more recently AI voice. The evolving digital life has enhanced dynamically...

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  • Digital Culture 4.0: Offense

    Digital Culture 4.0: Offense

    Business as usual is no longer 'good enough'. 'Good Enough' is dead. In a world where everything is connected & intelligent; where performance, now care of automation is looking for perfection, there is only one place left to innovate: YOU The Industry4.0 storm is upon us and you can keep your head-down or look at ways to harness its power for your success. Offense Mindset Last week...

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  • Digital Culture 4.0: Customer-Centricity

    Digital Culture 4.0: Customer-Centricity

    Advances in technology and communication, combined with the explosive growth in data and information, have given rise to a more empowered global consumer.  By 2020, 80% of the global population will have access to mobile telephony and more than 60% to smartphones or low-cost tablet computers. It is anticipated there will be more than 50 billion connected devices globally, with mobile being...

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  • Digital Culture 4.0: Data People

    Digital Culture 4.0: Data People

    Today we start to operationalize the teams through the creation and engagement of a Smart Data-driven culture - the Data Person.  One of the fundamentals of cultural transformation is a C-level sponsor and who better than the CDO (Chief Data Officer)? If you're serious about surviving and prospering in the 4th Industrial Revolution, you'd better get one asap. The Data Culture - what is...

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  • Today: How The Cyber-Twin Defines Oil & Gas 4.0

    Today: How The Cyber-Twin Defines Oil & Gas 4.0

    It combines all the major elements of Industry4.0, uses the enabled intelligence of the resulting Big Data Analytics and demonstrates an organization's success as a Digital Culture! The ultimate Critical Success Factor of a digitized organization is no easy project(s) and is often seen as the "High-hanging fruit". It could be the White Elephant project, but without it, you really can't call...

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  • Digital Culture 4.0: Fail-Fast, Learn-Quicker

    Digital Culture 4.0: Fail-Fast, Learn-Quicker

    Our DNA means as we experience things over our formative years, we evolve our understanding of the implications of our actions and thus grow in maturity. The less we experience in our minds and physically, the less mature we are.  There is no denying that we will do far more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure and when combined with understanding the implications of our actions, we avoid...

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  • Digital Culture 4.0: The MVP

    Digital Culture 4.0: The MVP

    Getting the show on the road in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is no easy task, but there are proven methodologies that work and embed not only a new series of processes, products, technologies but help to establish the Digital Culture 4.0 In so doing the 'hardened' operational guys move to utilize the information technology as it helps them do their job better, faster and innovatively....

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  • Digital Culture 4.0: The Flat Structure

    Digital Culture 4.0: The Flat Structure

    A Digital Transformation affects every part of the firm, or at least if done correctly, it should! A failure to understand the problems the projects face and a lack of regular communications during the design and development phase frequently are at the root of the causes. How do you overcome this? But let's start with..... But Why Bother? They say it's one of the top priorities of the...

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Industry 4.0 Summit

  • Practical advice for Industry4.0 (day 1)

    The Industry4.0 Summit in Manchester this week left me full to the brim with ideas, tactics, contacts and energy. It underlined my thoughts that this was the place to be both from an industry opportunity and growth perspective, but also the fear that unless we act now, we will fall far behind the world. To digitise is not a choice, it is now vital for company survival. the Industry4.0...

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    Practical advice for Industry4.0 (day 1)
  • Good practical advice to start-up day-2 @ the Industry4.0 Summit

    The Industry 4.0 Summit had taken the hype and converted it to real world practical use for today. But, I think as the "dust settles" after the event, it's the realisation that this, without a doubt, is really happening and even if a fraction of the probabilities come to fruition over the coming years, the world will be a transformed and dare i say it, better place from both a consumer and...

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    Good practical advice to start-up day-2 @ the Industry4.0 Summit
  • Industry4.0 summit (day 2, part 2): quick wins

    I was confronted with a panel of "been there, seen it, done it" managers; people who had experienced and some devoted their lives to the betterment of manufacturing, most recently through the use of i4.0 disruptive technologies and are seeing huge improvements across their respective businesses. KEEP IT SIMPLE & PRACTICAL We were treated to some fast, cutting-edge and practical examples...

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    Industry4.0 summit (day 2, part 2): quick wins
  • Industry4.0 summit (day2, part3)

    Amid strong manufacturing business experience (Annette Doyle, MD Trumpf UK), a highly experienced head of IT (Gabriel Klement, Head of Group IT, GKN Plc) and one of the top i4.0 Solution Architects, Konstantinos Efthymiou (Meggitt Plc), it was made very clear with all the amazing disruptive technologies around us, without strong and best practice business skills sitting at the core, i4.0...

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    Industry4.0 summit (day2, part3)
  • Industry4.0 culture: learn to fail fast

    At times, I hear companies saying they wish they could start their business from a clean sheet of paper! And then to add to the mountain to climb, you have to battle amid the drama of traditional media desperate for your "eyes", turning to the attention-grabbing headlines, surrounding job losses, care of robots and AI. Combine that today, with so many managers on short-term (annual)...

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    Industry4.0 culture: learn to fail fast
  • Industry4.0 learnings: start small, scale fast

    It was wholly enlightening to spend two days at the largest Industry4.0 Summit the other week in Manchester and to learn from the experienced presenters before me. I wanted to pull together my 4 articles to present a succinct series of strategies to get your i4.0 "show on the road" before your competitors do. Over the coming article I'd like to give special thanks to a group of thought...

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    Industry4.0 learnings: start small, scale fast
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