Are you ready for the next dream?


“Weʼre gambling on our vision, and we would rather do that, than make “me, too” products. Let some other companies do that. For us, itʼs always the next dream.” Steve Jobs.

Creativity is the generation of ideas which are both novel and useful, but its innovation thats about making money/adding value from creativity. So what does this mean for the recruitment sector? 

Not quite a rival for Mr Jobs but, never one to sit back and let life happen, here at the Haig&Co Homestead, Iʼm all for innovation and creativity in business. Which explains (and hopefully excuses) my complete puppy dog excitement following Dr David Hallʼs speech, at the recent Elite Leaders event.

Owner of the Ideas Centre Group, Dr Hall spoke with great passion about the need to innovate and drive change in people and organisations, warning of the dangers associated with letting the past define decisions and culture.

So, what happens when you donʼt?

“The human race, bases all their decisions on past context and experiences. However, the past defines conventional and all too traditional thinking” (Dr David Hall).

Take Kodak. As true innovators in film and photography, they were the first to develop the digital camera. So, why is Kodak not a name we now associate with the digital camera market? Or a name that wears the innovation label?

In a word, fear. ʻWhereʼs the film?ʻ declared the board with a scowl, ʻLets just carry on as we were.ʼ

Sure, there’s risk in being first. Fears such as ʻWill they get it?ʼ, ʻAre they ready?ʼ and of course ʻthis might not workʼ will always be around to spook you, when thereʼs boundaries to be pushed. But, to steal the words of Author and Entrepreneur, Mr Seth Godin ʻ "The fear is there, but you have to find a place to put it."

And, what happens when you do?

"There's a way to do it better—find it." Thomas Edison

Take a look at how Dutch brewing company Heineken found a better way to do it and took hiring the right talent to the next level, with ʻThe Candidateʼ campaign. With 1,734 applications for one intern position, Heineken asked themselves ʻJust how can we find the right talent?ʼ

Having identified that the right talent brings a combination of knowledge, behaviour, thought process and attitude, Heineken binned the rule book, shut any fears in the beer fridge and did this... Clicky!... take a look at Heinekenʼs ʻThe Candidateʼ Genius!

But what was the effect?

Guaranteed to push the most composed interviewee out of their comfort zone, this unconventional approach was almost destined to uncover a far greater understanding of the personality beneath the preparation.

So, by leaving the fridge door firmly shut on its fears, Heineken not only found great talent, they also created one of the biggest buzzes in graduate recruitment, probably ever. Watched by 5 million and resulting in a 279% increase in HR site traffic, a 317% increase in submitted CVʼs and seriously pumped employees, this campaign soon secured Heineken pole position in the cool places to work race. Not too shabby eh?

Kodak or Heineken? You decide...

But donʼt panic! Youʼre next recruitment strategy or job interview with Haig & Co wonʼt have you faking illness, saving lives or holding hands. Weʼre not saying this approach is right for every business.

Reflecting itʼs ʻOpen Your Worldʼ brand strategy, the Heineken approach was fitting, but you might not want your next FC loosening your tie and holding your hand.

What we are saying though, is that its worth thinking a bit left field and that itʼs important to challenge the ʻweʼve always done it this wayʼ thinking and recognize the crucial factor that fear shouldnʼt strangle possibilities.

If only Kodak had popped its ʻno filmʼ phobia in a nice little canister, they might still be a name to be wowed by. And when brands get all ʻwowʼ, people want in and people want more.

So. if youʼre ready for ʻwowʼ, if youʼre keen to ditch the ʻme tooʼ approach to your recruitment, ready to look forward, then find a little box for your fears and grab ʻthe next dream.’ And call us.