Finding the Perfect candidate (with a capital P)


We’ve heard it all before

It’s fair to say that our new client’s skepticism was both well founded and deeply rooted.And it was our job(or rather that of Haigermeister Matt)to restore faith and find that perfect candidate.

The history of this placement meant that whatever we promised was met with a degree of doubt and disbelief(‘I’ve heard it all’ before syndrome).So,when we introduced Matt as their Account Manager brows were raised,heads tilted and the ‘here we go again’ feeling was clear to all.

Trust us,we’re a recruitment consultancy

After everything they had been through,all the client saw was that they were now entrusting the process in the hands of our newest member of staff.

We knew this was a risky move in terms of client perception but we also knew that Matt was the man for the job,so we stuck by our guns and asked them to trust us(we know,this is a big ask of a skeptical client).

Let the search begin

Luckily they agreed and Matt was let loose on his hunt for the elusive candidate,one that had been in hiding for over 3 months.

To arm himself with a clear understanding of the market,the culture,the specific skills requirements and the personality of the organisation,Matt’s detailed and extensive research began.All this detective work helped him to develop a clear picture of his wanted candidate,pretty crucial to discovery,and the hunt could really begin.

Talent discovered

Like any decent sleuth,Matt’s long hours of detective work paid off and,with fingers crossed and breath baited a number of talented candidates were put forward to the client.When they were all called for interview the skepticism rating lowered,trust began to build and the relationship started to shift in the right direction.Phew!

Stress-free recruitment

With all the stress,time and effort of the past few months,our client was delighted when we offered to manage the whole interview process and even hold first round interviews at our offices.

Finding the perfect candidate

The end result was a super talented candidate,who completely fits the bill in terms of skills,culture,personality and attitude,a super happy client,who has been left to get on with business while we worked hard to uncover the perfect talent,and a super happy Matt,who had successfully placed his first candidate just like we knew he would.

So,what are the ingredients to finding an agency that will lead you to smiles not scowls and talent not temper?What did Matt do that worked so well?

4 steps to successful recruitment

Consultative,proactive and hands-on

Find people you can trust to get on with the search,without the need for micro-management or constant direction from you.It’s all about minimising the stress,time and effort and leaving you to get on with business.Understand from day one what they will doforyou and what part you have to play in the process.



You need a recruitment partner that does their research,that will take time to understand the market,the role and your business.This isn’t a quick fix;real talent takes time,effort and a lot of detective work to find.

Dedication and perseverance

You need a talent partner that won’t give up at the first hurdle,that won’t lose interest and send piles of irrelevant CVs or unsuitable candidates,just to tick your job off their list.They are your ambassador in the market and should be in it for the long haul,no matter how long the hunt takes.

Human approach

Finding an company that treats everyone as human beings is key to success.They must respect both you as the client and every candidate they help.Because when care and trust come in to play,not just numbers and bonuses,strong relationships are built and great results follow.

This journey from recruitment scepticism to recruitment success is all down to Matt’s dedication,the Haig&Co approach and the trust of our client.And,we’re proud to report that this level of service is not something we reserve for special occasions,it’s what we do every day,for every client.

So,if you’re feeling a little sceptical,please give us a call.

Thanks for reading.