Good Morning, Good morning, Good Morning


getting up

I wake to my phone alarm and check my social media across the platforms. A quick check with my partially deaf Siri to figure out the weather before grabbing the workout clothes and my new best friend the bluetooth Bose headset. 

getting ready

Turning to my iphone (the extension of my right arm), I set up my upbeat and loud music, head down to the kitchen to drink one of my weird healthy drinks and 

off we go

Putting it on Runkeeper (she nags you constantly as you run) music turns on (ouch, a bit too loud) and we’re off & running. Oooh, we’re a couple of miles in and now it’s time to get hold of the iPhone again for photos and “out of breath” videos (IG seems to love them!). 

finish line

and finally we arrive back and start switching everything off again, only to be told by Helga (nagging Runkeeper) that you didn’t break any records and need to do better tomorrow.

I wonder how I used to live without it all?

Have a wonderful weekend!