In at the deep end?: Top Tips from newbie Haigermeister, Matt.


I’m guessing not.Well,you’re not alone.Until I joined Haig&Co,recruitment had never been on my aspirational radar either.

But if only it had been…

Luckily I’m a big believer in two things:
1.Take every opportunity that comes your way
2.Throw yourself in at the deep end.

It’s the best way to learn and the best way to grow.And yes,along with this come some pretty challenging words(daunting,terrifying and HELP spring to mind)but despite this,or maybe because of it,it’s an incredible way to learn,and learn fast.

So,follow my 2 things I did and here I am:fully in at the deep end,water-wings securely in place and my ‘Candidate Manager’ badge neatly sewn on my swimming shorts.

But I’m certainly not treading water!My days are kept busy sourcing,meeting and building relationships with new candidates and customers,before getting to know them and helping them make the perfect career move.Even with little previous recruitment experience,I can already see that,here at Haig&Co,we do things a little differently.Our core values run through everything and a big part of that means treating candidates as individual talent,not simply a route to profit.It’s my job to make their life as easy as possible and,in-line with the Haig Blueprint,take the simplest route to a position that is right for them.There’s never any risk of square peg,round hole,it’s all about a personalised and tailored fit,each and every time.

If you're at the recruitment rookie stage and you really want to stand out,my advice would be to keep it human and remember you’re dealing with people’s careers,not just your targets.It hasn’t taken me long to see the importance of this.

Joining a shiny new company,I’m lucky to be working closely with people that have many years experience in the industry and in business generally,people whose skills and expertise I’m in awe of and skills I get to learn from every single day.I could have opted for the big corporate route,been shaped,moulded and processed into a corporate recruiter,but here I have a voice.I’ve been actively involved from day one and,despite my seniority or rather lack of it,I’m fully ingrained in the day-to-day workings of this fast paced recruitment business.

Much more in-line with my ‘Jump in’ philosophy!

I’m not going to say it’s a breeze.The change of pace from my previous employment has certainly been quite the culture shock,I’ve gone from first to fifth gear almost overnight.So,to anyone thinking of joining me,here in the deep end,I’d say be ready to apply tonnes of energy,drive and self motivation,be proactive and get ready for a role that never really stops.You’ll find yourself forever networking,always armed with a small arsenal of business cards and ready to turn each encounter into a lead and every conversation into a new opening.Plus,you’ll most likely start dreaming sweet recruitment dreams(I did say it never stops).

In terms of maintaining that all-important drive,I’ve leant to approach recruitment like a game(hear me out).To win the game you must source the best candidates before anyone else does and then find them the best opportunity,quicker than the competition.This analogy really helps me to go the extra mile in order to achieve for our candidates.It might not work for you but you never know.

If you’re considering jumping into this fast paced world,I’ll warn you,it’s exciting and addictive.

But,whilst the pace and high energy are great,there are of course things that are challenging and areas that I’ve enjoyed more than others.But these have all helped me to recognise my strengths,acknowledge my weaknesses and highlight points of development.All things that will serve to make me a more complete character,in life not just the office.

Of course,a complete character was never formed without the odd mistake,but it’s all part of learning.Everyday I leave stronger because of my mistakes and I wholeheartedly believe that you can only really develop once you can accept,own and learn from them.Keep reminding yourself that the only people who don’t make mistakes are the ones not jumping in and having a go.

And that’s just not the Haig spirit!

Thanks to the support and trust I receive,every day sees me ready to let a teeny bit more air out of my water-wings,as I slowly but surely grow in confidence.Right now I’ve still got my Director at the side of the pool,sharing tips,offering advice and providing guidance to help me take on the deep end,without any support.And I’m loving the journey.

I jumped in knowing absolutely nothing about recruiting.I took a job and found myself a career.


I’ve always been pretty darn lucky and I certainly attach this lucky label to my fortunate journey here.It’s been great fun so far and I can’t wait to shed the water wings and take on greater depths.

Thanks for reading.

P.S.If you’re new to recruitment,or you’d like to be,I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.