Pinch, punch, 5th of the month...


Why though? With the increase in job seekers, the supposed upturn in the UK economy and a greater sense of confidence, its theoretically the best time to launch a new venture. Still doesn’t make it any easier! Haig has been created to provide a more human element to what I see as a very commoditised and transactional world of recruitment and talent management in the Finance & Accounting sector.

To put that into context, if you have ever been on the receiving end of a job interview and worked via a recruitment consultancy, chances are you if you did get the job, you won’t remember what agency you used. And even if you did get the job, you still may not remember who you used!

To me, this customer experience is what will set the great apart from the mediocre. With a lot of recruitment firms increasing their headcount last year and through to 2015, there will be a lot of new, inexperienced recruiters out there making calls, pushing hard for the sell and going through boot camp sales training.

As a generalist comment, the recruitment industry often loses sight of what we truly do. We (as an industry) help individuals get better jobs to help them achieve career and life goals. For 5 days out of 7, we give candidates the route to something bigger and better. And for companies, we input the talent to help grow, support skills gaps and add true value. Its not just about writing a fee up on the board, or hitting your sales target. Sure, thats part and parcel, but to truly differentiate, we must be able to recognise that we play a greater part in every day life. Its not a bunch of KPIs or how much time you spend on the phone. Its the ability to understand the intangibles to make a better match for your goals and aims. And that takes proven experience.

So at Haig, we are still learning. The recruitment market is evolving at a pace not seen since the late 90’s when the web took over advertising jobs and gave candidates greater access in using a whole raft of recruitment firms. So whilst we may be new, we have an obligation to continue to provide best in class service that is up to date, customer centric and relevant to your need.

We’d love to hear from you and for you to experience Haig&Co. Be a part of our adventure....