Smart IoT: The Industry4.0 Data Journey


It was maybe 2hrs of content crammed into 20mins of presentation; a whistle stop tour of the Data Journey that lies ahead for us all. Data is the exhaust of our journeys; be they employee journey, user journey, product journey, process journey and in fact any journey where we can measure through data.

top trends in data

no matter which way i go in Industry4.0 it always ends up with data, really big amounts of data and then someone or something analyzes it to create more intelligence. 

It was good to hear from an expert on what's happening next and to relate that to the i4.0 Manufacturing and Energy sectors that occupy a large part of what I do...

1: IoT

Data capture devices everywhere, either to display from an outside source or to absorb and extract data from the equipment or asset to which it is attached. It provides context to everything going on; aka the Internet of Context in the new age of context.

2: industry4.0 & the digital twin

The carbon copy in digital form of the real world, allows us to test and simulate machines, processes to enable predictions and then prescriptions for a multitude of industrial/commercial environments.

3: hyper-personalization 

I've long talked about the consumer being the initiator of i4.0; wanting our products faster, better and more personalized, however it was Kirk who reminded us this goes far deeper than we may have imagined. From personalized health with tailored drugs to patient care, from the personalized trainer/dietician in the palm of your hand to concierge experiences in the most unexpected places. And it all is an ongoing result of your digital exhaust in order to improve your life. 

4: artificial intelligence

Augmented, Actionable or Amplification Intelligence are other ways to describe the wave that's got us on edge! Each day now with improved data storage and much faster computers our algorithms are improving. Alexa has taken us from Natural Language Processing through NL Understanding to NL Generation where "she" talks back. We take this into Deep Learning as our computers analyze videos, pictures, audio and text.......soon, perhaps emotions.

5: augmented reality

Already proving to be one of the most valuable tools in the advanced manufacturing environment. The ability to take your world and superimpose instructions and advice to once again improve your ability to carry out functions without any prior training. A new world that's fast capturing our history of intelligence built over the centuries and putting it right in front of us on a screen, care of goggles, glasses, tablets or 'phones. 

6: journey science

Extend this to the industrial world where we have over the last decade plus, spent time analyzing what has happened (Descriptive) into the newer age of Predictive to today's ability, care of immense computing power to Prescribe what we can do to change the outcome autonomously. 

7: the experience economy

Given that, the consumer drives/initiates the i4.0 Revolution, then surely it is our desire for better experiences in whatever it is we are doing? We talk about the Attention Economy, the Data Economy, but all are either enablers of the ultimate Experience Economy. A science of looking at the User, Consumer, Customer, Engagement experience will be an ever in demand career opportunity.

8: MVP

Scaleable is something again we've been highlighting in my i4.0 articles. Always start with affecting something useable in your existing production lines and then have the ability to scale enterprise wide. It's the Minimum Viable Product; the down payment on a much larger vision!

  1. Start with a single, simple product solving a tiny sub-set of an enterprise-wide problem

  2. Keep iterating, while constantly solving bigger, related problems en route to solving the enterprise-wide problem

  3. Constantly communicate the vision of the enterprise-wide problem that will be solved

9: fail fast, learn fast

I've always been told, "no one likes surprises" and over the years, I've realized that really means no one likes to find problems that you haven't solved, otherwise what are you being paid to do? Most managers accept mistakes/failures, but the good ones don't accept repetitive mistakes. 

And as with i4.0, you'll make many many mistakes/experience failures, but the trick is to immediately improve and come up with a better way of doing it next time, on the journey to getting it right at scale.

getting to smart data, being intelligent

Kirk by now was moving at 100mph and I hope i kept up with him as he moved onto the punchline; using data to become smart.

Since time began we have been collecting data as evidence to answer all our questions. Then as inquisitive beings, we ask more questions as we explore and experiment. As we progress in the journey we collect more data and we ask more questions.......more data, more questions and today we've started to call it BigData, because it sounds pretty cool!

But really that's not the big data. It's the outcomes we derive from the data that makes it useful and outcomes vary hugely given combinations of turns or directions along the way. And so, really BigData isn't necessarily just collecting what we have in front of us right now, it's taking that and asking more questions, taking different turns, exploring new intersections and arriving at new outcomes. It's the combinational data that makes us smart as businesses, be that with the customer, the user, the processes.

BigData is the Combinational Explosion from which new possible outcomes will arise and make us and our computers much more Smart and Wise!

Now that's a lot of computing and brain power

Thanks for reading


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