This is the year you can’t afford to fail – 5 simple steps to a success in the disruptive world of 2018


Turmoil in the market

This time last year I was enjoying the sun, the warmth and managing multiple projects and then suddenly I received a call only to find out my dear old mother had suffered a series of broken bones that we subsequently found to be a degenerative disease. It was my time after 17yrs overseas to return to my home in the UK.

There was and still is confusion with BREXIT from a general economic, trade agreement and manpower perspective. Cyberwarfare reached a new level of veracity both at a “common-man” and enterprise level. And then faster than expected the world is changing with the onset of radical new ways of communicating, care of the internet and radical new ways of operating care of disruptive technologies such as robotics, AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies etc etc.

Within weeks of re-entering the UK marketplace, I couldn’t believe my luck. Droves of recruiters were operating their businesses by not talking to people, nor truly understanding what they were recruiting for and similar too others were wrapped up in the overall business confusion. I could see an opportunity for a people-centric, product intelligent resourcing business dedicated to enterprise productivity enabled through new and existing technologies…….digitally transformed. My 2017 has been a sponge year……sucking up as much product and industry information as I possibly can. Listening to people and the market.

My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

As a result, entering 2018 it is the right time to decide upon my new year’s resolutions! I have always known that no one respects the mediocre and that human nature is to admire the excellent. People doing amazing things inspires us all to better ourselves. Achieving something unbelievable has never been about raw talent, or a one-off superhuman effort. Instead it is about consistency and consistency comes from good habits. I’m told doing something 21 times makes it a habit, however I have always found it takes me at least two months of consistency for it to be habit forming.

Therefore, I’ve decided to forget about resolutions and goals this year but instead to focus on forming habits and to passionately love what I do and to enjoy the journey.

A strategy for consistency

I’ve been lucky in my travels to have been associated with some pretty successful individuals and occasionally I love to seek their advice and opinions. At the end of 2017, on my trip to LA, I managed to meet up with a good friend and entrepreneur. Here is what she told me she does to re-program herself:

Baby steps: she said no matter what it is you look to do, it’s about patience. It’s a marathon, never a sprint. The human psyche doesn’t flick a switch and change but instead changes over a period of time. As a result, make the changes small and achievable.

When working to establish a new habit, make your goal tiny. Make it so small, that it requires minimal effort to complete your task each day. 

Remove the hurdles: she told me it’s all about starting your new habit each day with ease and with nothing in the way. For instance, I get up each morning around 4am and have to make myself exercise. I get my workout clothes ready the night before, pre-prepare my lemon and water, coffee and equipment so that when the alarm goes off, I’m up and at it with little or no excuse! Similar to my work habits, I work to remove the little obstacles that stop me starting my new daily habits.

Failure is inevitable and essential: less talking, theorizing and reading and much more doing. The world keeps changing and generally anything read, or opinions heard are in the past. We are living our lives in the her and now and looking to the future. Look forward to the failures because it means you’re learning the new world faster than anyone else.

Love the journey!


Patience is a virtue when running the marathon

I had a lucky life, seeing success at a relatively early age, in quite a short period of time. I built a business in the Enterprise Application, SAP space to a good size and then decided to exit. Things felt easy and thought business building would always be fast. But then, amid economic crashes and uncertainty, I realized building an amazing business and brand/reputation is marathon, never a sprint.

It takes boundless energy, a relentless approach keeping your foot on the gas always and an obsessive focus. Now being very OCD, keeping my foot on the gas and being obsessed has always come easy, but maintaining the essential energy levels is always hard. So how can I keep those levels high?

Well not so long ago, I read a study by one of the major colleges/universities. They had two sets of subjects; one was left to sit in chairs reading and the other pedaling on bikes and both for 10 minutes each.

The co-author, Matthew Heath:

"Those who had exercised showed immediate improvement. Their responses were more accurate and their reaction times were up to 50 milliseconds shorter than their pre-exercise values. That may seem minuscule, but it represented a 14-percent gain in cognitive performance in some instances."

So, the next time I need every brain cell performing at its very best, I’ll set aside 10 minutes for some quick aerobic exercise and immediately boost my brain power.

All or Nothing

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing exceptionally!

The journey ahead is long, but one thing I know it is already filled with great and honorable people trying to make a difference. I look forward with passion to 2018 and to the many years ahead, making a difference in helping others achieve their goals.

As a “seasoned” Enterprise Applications and Recruiter, would love to help you achieve your goals in 2018.

My best wishes, Andrew