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PLM baby-steps with Industry4.0

Thankfully, there’s a lot more talk today than only a few months ago. I’d like to think there’s a realisation that the last half century of declining productivity and the underlying acceptance that this has had most of us focused on cost reduction defence and is now leading to a more offence focus need. 

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The digital economy is ERP3

In technology or at least the application and security areas I sit within, acronyms are everywhere, be that ERP, ERP2, 3, i4.0, AI, ML and the list goes on and on! Across the enterprise, the technologies are here to reduce costs, streamline operations, increase productivity, increase revenues, and transform the organization.

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ERP3 skills demand!

Back in the 19th century during the 1st Industrial Revolution (i1.0), steam drove the workforce from the fields into the factories to continue working. Then in the early 20th, with i2.0 it was electricity that created more jobs, followed in the 1970s by automation. On each occasion, employment was not reduced but instead increased care of the demand for new skills.

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