Team Haig

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Damian NavasDamian Navas

Damian Navas

Director & Co-Founder

Damian is a co-founder of Haig & Co and has over 15 years experience in recruitment & talent search for SME’s through to blue chip companies. A firm believer in a truly customer centric approach, he co-created Haig & Co to prove that recruitment experiences can be enjoyable, successful and truly valuable to all involved. With a core network in the Finance & Accounting sector, and a few grey hairs to prove it, Damian oversees the operational and talent delivery aspects of our projects. A petrol head, geek and closet gamer, he can be seen at the weekends looking like a power ranger in leathers on his beloved Triumph whilst playing on his Xbox (but not at the same time, obviously!).

Secret Power

The amazing ability to buy un-needed, expensive items from eBay and successfully telling his wife that they cost a 10th of the real price.

Life Goal

Launching Haig & Co!

Greg MorrallGreg Morrall

Greg Morrall

Director & Co-Founder

Starting out in life as a property investor, before building and running his own Estate Agency and then moving into property recruitment, Greg can now be found applying his business knowledge and experience here at Haig HQ. He’s the one beavering away behind the scenes running the business so the rest of us Haigermeisters can get on with what we’re good at: the customer bit.

Outside of work he’s all about the lycra! Greg’s daily triathlon: hour in the gym, day at work, followed by dinner with the family means he’s always full-of-beans-fit, diligently dedicated to work and still super Dad to his kids.

Secret Power

Sounding incredibly knowledgeable about British History, whilst inventing dates and minor detail.

Life Goal

To give his girls a great start in life by being the best dad he can and maintaining a decent work/life balance.

Tracey ByrneTracey Byrne

Tracey Byrne

Talent Partner

Tracey joined Haig & Co as our Talent Partner which means she is our ‘customer ambassador’; simply put she will be driving the delivery of exceptional talent & service to our clients and candidates. She’s had a great time over the past 25 years plus (that’s all she’ll admit to anyway!) working within external recruitment and resourcing. Having also worked in-house, mentoring and managing, Tracey knows just how challenging every aspect of recruitment can be, which is why it’s so great when we succeed!

When Tracey’s not recruiting, her husband can usually find her horsing around the country upon her trusty steed the ‘ginger ninja’…

Secret Power

A real Bionic Woman and she can do the splits.

Life Goal

To have ridden the Cheltenham Gold Cup winner by the time she’s 70!

Andrew SparrowAndrew Sparrow

Andrew Sparrow


Andrew is a co-founder of the ERP3 & Cyber-Security divisions at Haig Mansions and entered the world of IT Resourcing back in 1997 with James Caan’s Alexander Mann business. Having started a very successful SAP focused business, Andrew then started his own firm that a few years later with approximately 300 consultants around the world, he then sold.

Andrew is obsessed with working with loyal clients and consultants over a long period of time and working as an extension of their business, making their business and projects as successful as possible.

Andrew freelance admits he has OCD, works too many hours and has an addiction to large quantities of caffeine and raw cauliflower!

Secret Power

To post more videos on social media than is humanly possible!

Life Goal

Repeating his previous SAP success in the extended enterprise ERP3 and next Industrial Revolution.

Matt RolfeMatt Rolfe

Matt Rolfe

Candidate Manager

Matt comes from a background of various customer service roles, including running his own fancy dress retail business. A talkative people person, with a strong belief that the customer comes first, he joined Haig & Co as a Candidate Manager in a role sourcing and identifying truly marketable talent to fit great businesses.

Secret Power

The ability to have a fact connected (often loosely) with any subject (seriously, test him…[email protected]).

Life Goal

To be an international superstar rockstar drummer and/or a llama farmer.

Mark JacksonMark Jackson

Mark Jackson

Business Manager

Mark joined Haig&Co to help grow our capability in a number of diverse sectors; with over 8 years of delivering talent within the engineering markets, specifically around Aerospace, Defence and Automotive, Mark admits that he is a complete geek and immerses himself in the detail of his sector, which unsurprisingly helps with the amazing delivery of his recruitment solutions to his customers! Mark works with customers all over the UK and predominantly supports contract or interim positions.

Secret Power

The astounding ability to know any movie quote and also runs the Haig Towers Tuck Shop!

Life Goal

To have enough money to become Iron Man (very apt given his sector!)

Haig & Co

Unit 2, Liberty Place,
Sheepcote Street,
Birmingham, B16 8AE

0121 796 0150
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